Why Bobtail Liability Coverage is Important

Urging proper trucking insurance for clients should always be a common practice of any agent looking to provide the right coverage. But any insurance agent knows that there are a number of options available to trucking professionals and companies, thus opening up the opportunity for confusion. The abundance of choice can actually present a problem for those looking for the right coverage, especially with the evolving world of trucking transportation, so it’s up to insurance agencies to address any and all concerns.

One insurance coverage option that is easily overlooked is bobtail insurance, even though it’s an important plan for any commercial vehicle operators. This kind of coverage protects the integrity of trailers when it’s not attached to a truck and contains several unique elements that need to be understood.

Here’s a look at why bobtail liability coverage is such a vital addition to any trucking insurance package.

How Bobtail Liability Insurance Helps Your Clients

Even if a truck isn’t being operated, the bobtail is the most valuable part. Most truck drivers focus on comprehensive plans that handle the vehicle as a whole, or essentially covers the truck when it’s being operated on the road. But something that most don’t seem to realize, and what insurance agents need to stress to their clients, is that they face plenty of liabilities when the cargo is parked somewhere offsite.

Risk level may vary, but this kind of coverage is an essential addition for all-around protection.

Important Information to Know

Bobtail insurance varies widely as far as its overall value. Most policies aim to have at least $1 million in liability insurance. Why? Truck trailers are high-value vehicles and are responsible for carrying potentially expensive loads. There is the option for clients to add additional coverage at a nominal rate in most situations as well.

On top of liability protection, truck drivers and companies need to protect the vehicle itself from things like fires, theft, storms, and vandalism, which often plague the trucking industry as vehicles spend most of their time out in the open. Physical damage, collision insurance and medical payments are always available as well, but the functionality of bobtail liability insurance is something truck driving companies are dependent upon.

The right bobtail liability insurance truck driving clients can operate with minimal risk in place. Even if they’re not hauling a trailer, they’re in charge of the integrity and safety of that trailer at its location. Agents need to urge the importance of this kind of insurance which protects against a variety of risks.

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