What Risks Do Food Trucks Face: Vehicle & Fire Hazards

In a previous post, we examined some of the common risks that food truck businesses face each day. From inclement weather to traffic and inexperienced drivers, food truck operators face an array of daily exposures. However, these innovative and cost-effective businesses are continually on the rise nationwide, and for good reason: they’re successful. As we explore the prominent vehicle risks, especially as they pertain to fire hazards, ensure your clients are secured with the best Food Truck Insurance policy to mitigate risk and responsibility.

Vehicle Risk #1: Propane fires.

Propane tanks are a common heat source supplier for food trucks. While they are easy to install and replace, the constant motion and jarring from traveling can cause the propane connections to weaken, creating leaks and fire hazards. The structural failure of a tank or a leak can cause extreme damage and poses significant threats to those in and around the food truck.

Vehicle Risk #2: Cooking and exhaust systems.

Cooking is an obvious risk for food trucks as the heat source is on the truck itself. However, grease traps and exhaust systems where grease can build up also pose threats for these businesses. The same standards of cleaning and maintaining these fixed suppression systems also applies to food trucks.

Vehicle Risk #3: Portable heat sources.

Besides the fuel needed for cooking, the trucks need electricity as well and this is provided by portable generators. The question arises, what fuel do they use? Gasoline? Propane? If gasoline, how often do they need to be refueled and how is it done? Are gasoline cans carried on the truck, creating yet another hazard that must be considered? Both propane and cooking operations are well known hazards and have a number of codes, standards and regulations governing them, states Efficient Gov.

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