Valuable Information We’ve Learned from the 2018 Hurricane Season

This year has been a monumental year for the world’s storm systems. As locations throughout the Gulf of Mexico, including Florida and Louisiana, and coastal regions like the Carolinas finished their clean up from last year’s major storms and hurricanes, 2018’s storms hit back even harder.

One thing this year’s hurricane season showed us was the growing intensity and rate in which these storms are happening. It also showed us the growing destruction they’re leaving in their paths and the importance of protecting your home and business with specialized coverage. Let’s go over some past predictions and see why it’s important to stay protected during every hurricane season.

Looking Back at 2018 Predictions

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season started back in the beginning of June and is expected to run through the end of November. This six-month period, when complete, will have brought with it an intensely destructive path filled with rising waters and ripping winds.

  • In April, the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project team predicted a slightly above average Atlantic hurricane season, shedding light on seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes.
  • In May, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted a 70% chance of having 10 to 16 named storms, including four major hurricanes ranging from categories 3-5.
  • NOAA lowered its 2018 forecast to a 30% chance for an above-normal season with zero to two major hurricanes.

Hurricane Florence

One of the most destructive hurricanes in recent memory, Hurricane Florence was initially given a Category 1 designation, but was quickly upgraded to a Category 4 as it approached land in the Carolinas. With winds faster than 130 MPH, Florence made landfall in September with a wind impact of more than 335 miles.

The hurricane-force winds extended out more than 80 miles from the center of the storm and covered more than 15,000 square miles altogether. The projected size of the hurricane-force winds doubled in just under two days, bringing rainfall of more than 40 inches in isolated areas; compare that to 40 inches of rain for the entire year that the area gets.

Hurricane Michael

Not long after Hurricane Florence concluded, Hurricane Michael aggressively hit the Florida Panhandle and gradually made its way to South Georgia. Across Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia, 32 people lost their lives to this storm. Michael made initial landfall in Bay County, Florida as a Category 4 storm and caused heavy property damage. Over 2,500 structures were damaged and at least 162 were completely destroyed in Bay County alone, with many neighborhoods left completely destroyed and some residents relying on airdropped food and water to survive. Though the storm has died down, many are still dealing with the destruction.

Specialized Coverage

According to Newsweek, economic damage from Florence is predicted to be more than $170 billion. There are only so many preparations you can take to protect your home and business in the path of a hurricane like Florence, but while physically preparing for storms to make landfall is the diligent way to go about things, once they hit, there’s no stopping them. This is when specialized coverage comes into play, protecting your assets from the extensive damage hurricanes can have on your property.

There are insurance plans that can be tailored to your needs, including wind and flood coverage. Adding this kind of coverage can provide the financial coverage that homes, business, municipalities, and other entities need to stay protected against the long effects hurricanes and storms bring with them.

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