The Safety Risks Faced by Truck Drivers

Long haul truck drivers have a long list of things to keep in check when they head out on the open road every day. The hours are long, the roads are even longer, and the shipping schedule takes them away from their home life for days at a time. Besides the task of getting behind a wheel of a big truck, they also have to act as mobile inventory managers, making sure they drop off and pick up exactly what is expected. On top of that, they also have to take into consideration plenty of safety risks that come with the job.

Some may not think that truck driving is a risky job to have, but the contrary is actual more true. According to OSHA, those who work in the trucking industry experience the most fatalities out of all occupations, with a whopping 12 percent of all worker deaths. With this in mind, truck driving professionals should consider the proper insurance coverage that protects against a number of risks, and insurance agents should be just as knowledgeable of the potential pitfalls.

Here are a few safety risks insurance agencies can brush up on when taking on truck driving clients.

Driving While Distracted

Most people think of teens texting on their phones or people clicking through social media at stoplights when they think of distracted drivers. However, truck drivers can be just as distracted with modern technology or other things like checking shipping documents or looking for something on the floor board to long hours taking a toll on their focus.

It happens, and it could also make things worse for truck drivers as they have more to worry about behind the wheel. From the loads they’re carrying to the sheer size of the vehicle they’re operating, distracted driving could prove to be more detrimental for long haul truckers than typical everyday highway drivers.

Proper Walkaround Mistakes

Unsurprisingly, truck drivers have a longer preparation time before getting on the road than your typical family in a sedan does. Being in a hurry or bad weather can cause a driver to hurry up through inspection and skip over issues that go unnoticed. Walkarounds are mandatory for most trucking companies and should be performed with the utmost diligence and meticulous attention.

Taking the time, no matter than weather or time allowed, should be at the top of every truck driver’s list before heading out. This will help to ensure not only their safety on the road, but others out on the highways and freeways, and the overall care of the inventory inside the truck.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls aren’t just for grocery stores or warehouses. They are a huge problem in the transportation industry, especially during the wet and cold months, and especially for certain parts of the country. Icy roads and slush can bring a heightened level of caution to any driver when they are exiting or entering a vehicle.

Think of the steps they have to use when operating. One small slip can cause major damage to an operator. There are several anti-slip features applied to many modern trucks, but they only help slow down the problem and not eliminate it altogether.


One of the most dangerous risks a truck driver can face is fatigue. As mentioned above, having a long schedule and monotonous ride can combine to drain a driver’s focus and energy. Fatigue is usually looked at as part of the job, but while this is true, it can prove to be deadly.

Fatigue shows up by slowing down reaction times, drops attention spans and messes concentration levels. It takes plenty of commitment to stay alert, awake and altogether safe behind the wheel of a big rig. It’s important to know the risks and be able to understand just what your clients can face when pursuing or continuing a career in the trucking industry.

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