Safety Tips for Bus Drivers

School is back in session, which means your clients are likely to experience the rush of the new school year. With plenty of kids and personalities on board, it’s easy to become distracted behind the wheel. Therefore, share the following safety advice with your clients and ensure they are completely protected with a comprehensive Transportation Insurance Program.

Mind the speed limits.

While this may seem fairly obvious, obeying the speed limits is a critical component for keeping all the children who are on board safe. Even if they are facing delays in their routes or come across an accident or unexpected traffic, bus drivers should take their time and mind the speed limits. Remember, focus on safety not on the schedule!

Prepare the bus.

Ask the passengers to remain calm and quiet during the drive. Next, ensure all of the children remain seated and the radio is kept low to prevent riling up the kids. Lastly, inform the kids to leave the windows alone during transport and to keep their arms inside at all times.

Watch for any obstructions.

Drive with headlights on even during the day and remain alert for ice, debris, or slippery spots, says Track School Bus. Furthermore, keep up with weather alerts that could warn against potential storms and safety hazards. Next, be courteous of others on the road and be respectful of other drivers.

Do a walk-through.

After each day, bus drivers should examine the bus for any belongings that were left behind and look for any anomalies in the seats or interior of the bus. Ensure everything is in good working order before continuing the route the following day, as well.

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