What Risks Do Food Trucks Face?

Food truck businesses have been booming for the last few years. With a cost-effective and dynamic way to sell food to consumers, there is no shortage of food trucks on the road in almost every major city. However, while these vehicles may be a desirable business, they are not without their own unique set of risks. As we take a closer look at the common exposures that this industry faces, ensure your clients are secured with the best Food Truck Insurance policy to mitigate risk and responsibility.

Unfortunately, vehicle collisions and accidents are one of the biggest threats on the road. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the fatality rate per vehicle mile traveled is more than 50 percent higher for large trucks than the rate for all highway vehicles combined. Therefore, understanding the safety risk are critical for any food truck owner and operator.

Vehicle risks.

Aside from the general wear and tear that any vehicle faces, the outdoor elements can really take a toll on food trucks. Hail, lightning, snow, flood and wind damages are all common threats for food trucks. Further, if the food truck is involved in an accident, the repairs can be costly. Therefore, not only does physical damage pose a threat, but lengthy repairs can mean a lack of revenue for an extended period of time.

Operator risks.

Employees are any food truck’s largest asset and backbone, but they also pose significant liability risks for owners. Not only do they run the risk of getting into an accident, but slips, falls, burns, and smoke inhalation are all threats that are faced in a day’s work. To prevent accidents, proper safety equipment such as gloves and slip-resistant shoes should be worn, and proper training should be completed.

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