Protecting Cargo: Reducing Transportation Liability

The transportation industry is the backbone of American commerce. As many transportation professionals are aware, protecting the cargo they are transporting is a key element to a successful business operation. With that said, there are numerous risks that this industry faces, and the proper precautions must be taken to reduce the risk of compromising their cargo. Therefore, in addition to providing a customized Inland Marine Insurance package, share the following cargo security strategies with your clients.

Get the proper seals.

According to Inbound Logistics, an indicative seal may show a “blush mark” or white stripe, for instance, in the area that has been tampered with; the most basic option for locking containers and trailers, indicative seals are inexpensive, usually priced at less than 20 cents per seal. Bolt seals and cable seals can be used to prevent cargo theft and come in varying diameters and strengths to accommodate the load.

Detection technology.

Depending on the type of cargo, security might need to be increased. Electronic seals have the same physical strength as mechanical seals but are embedded with an RFID chip for read/write or tracking capability- with this developing technology, a readable device is attached to a trailer or container monitoring the shipment’s location via global positioning system (GPS), and acts as a theft-deterrent lock, says the article.

Integrity is key.

Many thieves look for loads with items that are easily resold on the black market. These items can range from food to liquor to cigarettes, so any item that is in high demand should be carefully investigated to ensure the load has not been tampered with. Therefore, the proper security for particular items is a necessity for protecting the cargo.

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