Delivering Garage Insurance Solutions to Independent Insurance Agents

At Genesee General and Genesee General of Colorado, we specialize in insuring the garage risks for a broad range of classes, including those in the selling and servicing of autos and service operations that engage in repairing, towing, servicing, salvaging, and valet parking. Our experienced staff with more than three decades of experience can assist you with securing the right combination of coverages to address your client’s risk profile.

We understand how the exposures and insurance requirements of such businesses in this niche are distinctive in that Auto Liability and General Liability coverage needs tend to overlap. The Garage policy combines, in one form, coverage for liability exposures arising from the entity’s premises, operations, products, completed operations, independent contractors, contracts, along with ownership, maintenance, or use of autos. Garagekeepers addresses the care, custody, and control issue that garage risks face.

Beyond Garage Liability

Specific classes, such as auto dealers, also have unique risks that require attention. We offer Dealers Errors & Omissions insurance, which will respond in the event a dealer is sued by a customer dissatisfied with the purchase or repair of a vehicle or other dealership service because of an alleged error or omission. Dealers E&O insurance is designed to provide cover involving lawsuits that encompass everything from alleged rolled-back odometers to misleading advertising, failure to disclose prior damage, failure to file liens, submitting inaccurate paperwork to the DMV, not performing a title search, and truth in lending and leasing laws.

We also provide Dealers Open Lot (also now known as Dealers Physical Damage) coverage for dealers to protect against physical damage for their inventory and equipment. A typical Dealers Open Lot policy provides coverage for inventory on your lot and extends to when it’s on the road. What’s important is to close gaps that may exist in a Dealers Physical Damage policy with False Pretense coverage. This provides protection against fraudulent schemers who trick the dealer out of inventory. For example, let’s say a dealer voluntarily paid for a vehicle and received a bad title, or a vehicle was sold to someone who paid with a bad check. Without False Pretense coverage, the insured would not be covered.

With Genesee as your partner, we can help you cover these and many other exposures.