Preventing Medical Malpractice Claims in Assisted Living Centers

Assisted living professionals are tasked with caring for elderly patrons and ensuring quality in their day to day lives. While these medical employees have the best intentions, there are plenty of scenarios that could land their facility under heavy legal scrutiny. In this article, we’ll explore how assisted living facility employees can minimize their exposures and prevent Medical Malpractice Claims from arising.

Document everything.

First and foremost, document every occurrence in the assisted living facility. Even if a minor mishap happens, documenting it can prove innocence and compliance in a legal case. Clear and concise notes are critical here: make sure to paint a vivid picture of what exactly happened. Don’t leave any room for debate in the notes.

Verify physician’s orders.

Experienced nurses know the right and wrong way to handle medicine administration and physician’s orders. Therefore, if something doesn’t seem right, verify the information with the treating physician before following through. This is a skill set that takes years to perfect, and no two people are going to require the same treatment, so verify anything that seems suspicious or unclear. Otherwise, the patient is at risk for being treated improperly, causing damage, illness and even death.

Communication is key.

To prevent from making any type of error on a patient that you are caring for, you must communicate with all parties involved in their care and that includes but is not limited to the physician, certified nursing assistant, charge nurse, radiology, social worker etc. Everyone has to be on the same page with what is going on with the patient and notify each other of any critical information that is going on with the patient, explains Minority Nurse.

Write legibly.

Going hand in hand with documentation, notes that are not legible are useless in treatment orders and defense cases. Take the time to write legibly and include all of the information needed. Most processes have gone digital by now, but there are some smaller entities that don’t have access to the cutting-edge technology available. If the center requires hand-written notes, write them carefully and thoughtfully.

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