How Businesses Can Prevent Environmental Pollution

As many businesses want to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the amount of environmental pollution they contribute, they are seeking out ways to be proactive about their building and waste processes. While manufacturing and building businesses are no strangers to pollution and waste, there are various instances where they can better their practices. Therefore, in addition to securing their operations with a comprehensive Environmental Liability Insurance Program, share the following advice.

Rethink the process.

Rethink the process to prevent pollution waste from occurring in the first place. Or, if certain processes are required, determine whether or not they can be completed less frequently. For example, according to Idaho’s Department of Environmental Quality, ask the following:

  • Can parts be cleaned prior to using solvents?
  • Can machinery be adjusted to more efficiently utilize materials?
  • Does the oil need to be changed in all pieces of equipment at the same time even if it may be unnecessary?
  • Is it necessary to clean according to the current frequency or can the frequency of general facility cleaning be reduced?

Substitute materials.

Alternative materials for cleaning, coating, lubrication, and other processes can prevent costly hazardous waste generation, air emissions, and worker health risks, says the article. However, before switching materials, ensure that they will still get the job done, do not produce any other toxic waste, and do not require purchasing additional equipment.

Reuse materials.

Wherever possible, reuse materials to reduce toxic waste production. Distill used solvents, reuse clean cardboard boxes and swap out cleaning agents for less hazardous options to reduce contaminants in wastewater.

Improve housekeeping practices.

First and foremost, keep hazardous materials segregated and locked away. When these materials, such as solvents and cleaning agents, are not in use, ensure they are put back into the proper storage facilities. Further, ensure all of these items are labeled appropriately and kept away from drains. Lastly, keep soiled items separate from clean items at all times.

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