How Physicians Can Avoid Medical Malpractice Claims

Regardless of the skill level and bedside manner of a physician, the harsh reality is that they face the potential to be sued on a regular basis. It’s critical to protect your reputation and your practice with a comprehensive Medical Malpractice Insurance policy. In addition, here are some recommendations to minimize your liability and reduce the threat of damaging claims.

Be courteous.

Common courtesy can go a long way for physicians. After all, patients who have established a positive rapport with their treating doctor are less likely to sue. This applies to the entire client experience at your practice, so ensure everyone is polite and helpful to your patients.

Communicate clearly.

Ensure patients know what procedures entail, how their medications should be taken, recovery steps, etc. If you aren’t the best communicator, team up with someone who is to minimize confusion and malpractice claims. Remember to ask if they have any questions and answer them as clearly as you can.

Make sure patients understand.

Take time to ensure your patient understands their diagnosis, treatment, and medication plans, and then check their understanding by asking them to explain it back. This ensures instructions are properly followed and shows the patient you care, says Physician’s Practice.

Accept feedback.

Leave a comment card at checkout or a suggestion box to better improve your practice. When given the opportunity, patients are often forthright about their opinions, so don’t be afraid to ask how you could improve. Next, take action to showcase how you are taking their feedback into consideration.

Think like a patient.

Understand where the patient is coming from and do your best to empathize with their condition. While you may have plenty of other patients to see that day, it’s critical that you take the time needed to comfort each patient.

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