Mitigating Transportation Risk

Truckers are tasked with transporting goods throughout the nation. Without them, our commerce would cease to exist as we know it. However, fatal and non-fatal accidents are common among these professionals as they are constantly on the road facing extreme weather conditions, other drivers, and other outside factors. Protecting truckers and minimizing risk for the transportation industry is crucial. As we explore how to achieve this, ensure your clients are backed by a comprehensive Transportation Insurance Package.

Accidents result in loss for both the manufacturer and the trucking business. Loss of goods can be devastating and crashes result in higher workers’ compensation costs for the truckers. One way to mitigate these exposures is implementing driver training programs. A lack of skill has a direct correlation to increased accidents. However, this alone will not resolve the risk of accidents. In fact, selecting the most experience and clean driving records can minimize transportation risk.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Liberty Mutual Study found that companies with fleets that hired drivers with four or fewer violations or accidents (below the survey median) lowered crash rates by 28 percent; hire drivers with more violations and accidents than the median and the crash rate increases sharply.

What’s more, the survey indicated that drivers who have fewer than two moving violations in the last three years are better fits for transportation industry jobs. In fact, the data indicates that crash frequency reduced by one-third and crash costs were 47 percent lower than companies that hired drivers with three or more violations.

Another major way to reduce trucker risks is to conduct thorough background checks. Work history, gaps in employment, and criminal records should be examined in a background check to ensure your clients know who they are hiring.

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