Mitigating Transportation Risk: Trucker Safety & Training

Truck driving is an acquired skill that can be perfected with time and practice. However, truckers just starting their careers have to start somewhere, and getting the necessary experience takes some patience. Therefore, driving training and safety advice programs can help trucking businesses protect their employees and their bottom lines. As we explore the necessary safe driving tips to incorporate into your clients’ driver training programs, ensure their operations are backed by a comprehensive Transportation Insurance Package.

While your clients require a driving course for new truckers, there are some things that they’ll learn from being on the road. In addition to passing the course with satisfactory marks, the following tips are given straight from experienced truckers. Your clients’ new truckers should take note of the following:

  • Be aware of the trailer 24/7- Transporting goods, regardless of the cargo, is a risky business. There is a lot at stake for both the supplier and the transportation company, which is why experts recommend keeping an eye on the trailer at all times. If the trailer sways out of the lane or swings over to the shoulder, the driver isn’t in full control of the cargo.
  • Do a pre-trip inspection- Take note of the last inspection date, the lights, the tires, the pins, fifth wheel, lights and even the valve stem covers before starting the route, explains Schneider Jobs. Doing this ahead of time can prevent any discrepancies with a Department of Transportation officer, saving your clients money in fees and citations.
  • Pay attention- This goes without saying, but operating an 18-wheeler requires more than just a glance at the road. Maneuvering across lanes, on ramps, off ramps, and into parking spaces requires planning and finesse. Remind your clients to keep their truckers alert, aware, and focused while on the road. If they exit the highway, ensure they know how to get back on safely and how to maneuver the truck on side streets without putting anyone’s safety in jeopardy.
  • Ask for help- This is a great way to implement mentorships. Your clients’ experienced truckers can make themselves available to answer relative trucking questions to the newcomers. This will establish rapport and ensure your clients’ new drivers are safe on the road.

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