4 Steps to Improve Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is a critical factor in your clients’ success in terms of training and preparing new hires and championing company culture. Educating employees and giving them the resources and training they need to thrive is a proven factor for retaining talent, so onboarding should not be undervalued. Therefore, in addition to securing your clients with the most comprehensive Employment Practices Liability Insurance, share the following information with them to improve their onboarding and training process.

Connect with remote workers.

Conduct video conferences or at least hold regular meetings via phone calls to make sure everyone is on the same page. For companies who employ workers over different time zones and countries, this is especially important. If possible, connect them with other employees in their area to instill company culture and consistency.

Share onboarding ownership.

According to Zenefits, at most small businesses, onboarding ownership is shared. Managers, executives and individual contributors are working together to provide new hires with the tools and education to hit the ground running; if you’re looking for suggestions to maximize the team’s impact on new hire experience, try:

HR/Recruiting: Initiate pre-boarding and send out the welcome package, get feedback, and gather pertinent information about the employee.

Executives: Share a sense of community with the team and the company’s values.

Managers: Assist with day-to-day activities, evaluate performance and set goals.

Make it memorable.

Any way to make the day more memorable and a part of the team is ideal. Offer up their favorite snack or candy, provide them with branded items, or give them a welcome office gift. The more memorable the day was, the more likely your clients’ new hires will be empowered to do a great job.

Ask for feedback.

Be sure to leave room for feedback. Next, provide a simple survey to see how they viewed the process and allow for open-ended questions to clear up any gray areas.

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