After a Hurricane: Steps to Flood Recovery

As Hurricane Harvey is still wreaking havoc on the gulf coast, home and business owners in high-risk areas are struggling to cope with the damage. Torrential and relentless rains have caused flooding throughout various states, including Texas and Louisiana. While the worst of it might be over, recovering from a major catastrophic event is the next step. In this article, we’ll explore some major ways that victims of Hurricane Harvey can recover and get their homes and businesses back on track. In addition to sharing this information with your clients, ensure they are contacted about their wellbeing and ensure the claim filing process for their Coastal Property Insurance policies gets underway promptly.

Before returning to the home.

Your clients are likely eager to get home and assess the damage. However, before they rush home, share the following with them:

  • Wait for authorities to clear the area to ensure it’s safe to enter the home.
  • Be ready to spend more time on the commute home – road closures and residual flooding are common.
  • Withdraw cash from the ATM just in case banks are closed.
  • Purchase nonperishable items while the community gets back in working order.
  • If your property is badly damaged, stay out until a building inspector or engineer has checked it, and throw away all food or medication that may be contaminated through contact with floodwater, recommends the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.
  • Keep a close eye on pets and their whereabouts – they might get into something dangerous.


If you are insured, it is important to contact your insurer, request an assessment and specific advice relating to your policy before discarding, authorizing repairs or cleaning any damaged or flood affected property. It is best to take photographs, video footage and make an inventory of your property and contents to assist with the claims process.

We understand that catastrophic events affect so much more than just a home or business. With the help of our trusted specialists, your clients can rely on a prompt and accurate claims service to get their lives back in order.

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