Hurricane Aftermath: Evaluating Property Damage

Coastal property and business owners in the Gulf of Mexico and Florida understand their risks for flooding when a hurricane passes through. These devastating storms can cause long-term damage, some of which might take weeks, months or even years to discover. With these back to back natural disasters, thousands of business owners along the coast have been displaced and evacuated. Getting back into a regular routine is the first step in recovering from a hurricane, but do so with caution. In this article, we’ll explore key tasks to do immediately upon returning to a business that has been damaged by flooding. Share this information with your coastal property business clients and ensure the claim filing process for their Coastal Property Insurance policies gets underway promptly.

Evaluate damage.

If the business is still operable after a hurricane or storm, the damage is likely subtle. However, in the event that major damage was caused, such as the structural support of the building being compromised, a certified professional should be contacted immediately. If they are unable to get an appointment right away, it’s wise for business owners to invest in temporary fixes such as tarps or wood planks to prevent any further damage from occurring in the meantime.

Document damage.

The most efficient way to ensure a claim is resolved quickly is to document each bit of damage from flooding. Take photos of everything from minor carpet damage to burst pipes and flooded storage centers. This will eliminate any potential disputes over what is actually damaged or not.

Call in professional help.

Flood cleanup is an emergency business because ignoring the excess water can lead to even more severe damage in your home or building, so make sure to contact a flood damage restoration professional as soon as possible. A reliable water damage restoration professional will assess the damage and provide you with an estimate as well as their remediation plan, recommends Restoration Master Finder.

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