How Auto Dealerships Can Protect Themselves Against Theft

Car theft has always been a steady concern of crime in most major cities in the United States, especially for cities in the western states of New Mexico, Arizona, and California, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. In fact, the FBI estimates that, on average, about 765,000 vehicles are stolen every year. While this may be a concern for those who park their cars in front of their house, what about car dealerships where cars are lined up for the taking?

Auto thefts are actually down in the United States and with the advent of ride-sharing apps, some people are driving their own car less and keeping them in the garage, safe and sound. But auto thefts from car dealerships are still vulnerable, representing millions of dollars of inventory open to thieves.

So, what can auto dealerships do to reduce theft? We have a handful of ideas to protect car dealerships from car thieves.

Lock Car Keys

It should be a rule that only authorized employees at a dealership have access to keys for vehicles on the lot. Keys disappear all the time and vehicles are stolen afterward. Dealerships should train staff to make sure they’re handling keys with the utmost care and remind them not to leave keys unattended.

Keep Your Lot Safe with Lights & Fences

Tower lights and fences can not only protect, but they can act as a deterrent for thieves. Keeping a lot illuminated with bright lights is a natural security blanket as nothing is hidden. Poor lighting and ease of access to a lot due to lack of fencing is an open invitation for thieves who like to work in the shadows.

Park Cars Strategically

There are some cars on a lot that are more sought-after than others. In this case it would be wise to lock those cars in by surrounding them with less valuable models. Parking vehicles at the end of aisles can also block exits for thieves. Make sure to also keep emergency brakes on or remove the wheels every night. This may seem like overkill, but it will all only help.

Screen Staff

Sometimes inside jobs happen and dealerships don’t even know it. In this case it’s vitally important to have a thorough screening process for all staff and contractors at your dealership. While nothing can fully eliminate the possibility of a car theft from the inside, performing full criminal background checks on all employees and contractors can reduce risk.

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