Engineer Hiring Tips

Finding qualified engineers is a common pain point for firms of all sizes. Especially in such a competitive market, it’s important to understand how to attract potential candidates to your firm and get an edge over your competition. With that said, heed the following advice for hiring quality engineers and secure your operation with a comprehensive Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

Move quickly.

Not only will this ensure your candidate isn’t scooped up by a competitor, but it’s a direct reflection of your company and how it operates. Fast-moving companies are more desirable than slow-moving ones and will show candidates your business is successful and efficient.

Value employee referrals.

Offer an incentive for current employees to refer others to your company. As the hiring process is imperfect and doesn’t allow a detailed evaluation of the candidate, having an employee who can vouch for their skills and worth ethic is invaluable.

Respect the candidate.

Be nice, be courteous and timely. Follow up when you say you will. Keep the candidate informed of the process, even if it’s bad news. Don’t waste their time, says Boulter. This should be common knowledge and treating each candidate with respect is a must. Bear in mind that the way you treat your interviewees will play a role in their decision to accept a position at your company or not.

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