Common Commercial Auto Insurance Myths

When getting things lined up to purchase a commercial auto policy, it’s good to understand what all is covered. Business owners who use commercial vehicles like vans and trucks to get business done may have some questions about what exactly is covered and what can be added to a policy. These myths surrounding commercial auto insurance should not get in the way of making a decision about purchasing a certain policy.

Here’s a list of myths related to commercial auto insurance.

Seasonal Business Is Only Covered Part of the Time

For businesses and contractors that only use a vehicle during certain times of the year, like tourism professionals who see a boost during summer, it’s still important to have insurance in place all year. Insurance companies are able to give discounts for continuous coverage as starting and stopping insurance multiple times is more expensive due to restarting fees. Additionally, if a vehicle is damaged for whatever reason during a lapsed coverage period it won’t be covered when a policy is reinstated.

Premiums Must Be Paid Upfront

It’s no secret that paying in full, upfront can provide an overall discount for a policy. But most insurers do not require this kind of prepayment. In reality, those looking for commercial auto insurance may even be able to take advantage of interest-free financing.

All Insurance Companies Offer 24/7 Service

Sadly, no, this is not true. Like regular auto insurance, commercial auto insurance businesses may only be available during regular business hours during the day. Filing a claim or paying bills or adding another vehicle would have to wait if service is off for the night. As a good rule of thumb, be sure to check how available an insurance company is before adding it on.

Commercial Auto Policies Are More Expensive Than Personal Policies

Like all pricing for insurance coverage this is dependent upon everything from driving record to what exactly is being covered. Essentially pricing comes out to be more case-by-case. Other elements that may reflect higher policy price is dependent upon the area a vehicle or set of vehicles is being covered in such as a ZIP code known for high amount of theft or damage. Additionally, elements such as amount of deductible, coverage limits, and types of coverage should be considered to get the full scope.

Not sure about what exact kind of plan you need? Have questions about any of the above topics? Make sure to get in touch an agent that can help guide exactly what is included in a commercial auto insurance policy.

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