Auto Repair Shops: Minimizing Environmental Exposures

As most auto repair shop owners and operators are aware, this industry faces a unique set of risks in their daily operations. From physical damage to stolen vehicles, there’s no shortage of liabilities that these professionals must be prepared for. Therefore, in addition to the common threats, it’s important to for auto repairers to understand how to minimize potential environmental exposures. Even more importantly, however, is ensuring your clients are secured with a comprehensive Garage Liability Insurance Program to protect against the wide range of perils they face.

Auto repair shop owners are held liable for pollutants and contaminants that seep out into the surrounding soil. These include gasoline, used oil, used antifreeze, and solvents, as well as any accidental spills. Therefore, managing these hazardous waste materials appropriately can help to reduce liability costs substantially.

In addition, exposures can exceed beyond standard day-to-day operations. For example, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), states that a purchaser of property may become liable for contamination existing on or in the purchased property. This means that existing contamination and pollution will become the new owner’s liability.

Auto dealerships participate in a variety of different activities that require facility regulation such as waste generation, wastewater discharges, and air emissions. However, how do your clients protect their businesses against these liabilities and risk exposures?

Train employees-  Employees need to know how to handle, recycle, and dispose of toxic waste. This will directly correlate to less pollution claims, so ensure your clients have proper training practices in place.

Housekeeping best practices- Store waste materials in the proper receptacles to prevent leaking or eroding over time.

Warning labels- Toxic, used or contaminated materials should be stored with cautionary labels on them to ensure proper handling.

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