Agency Portal

Genesee is excited to offer our agents access to the AGENCY PORTAL. At Genesee, we are always striving to provide you with the latest on-line tools. The Portal will provide you the ability to view and/or download policy documents & agency statements as of 01/09/2017.


Registration process:

-Click on the link below for the Genesee division you want to access.

-Click on “register” & enter the requested info (Do not enter the registration code yet).

-Click “Submit Request” and you will receive a validation email within the same day.

-When you get the validation email you can either click on the link within the email or enter the validation code to complete the registration process.

-Create a username (must be your email address) and password and click log in.


To get started, Select the Genesee Division below:



Should you have any additional questions on getting set up for the agency portal, please contact your marketing representative or email Click HERE for a detailed help guide and technical support.