Agency Portal

Genesee is excited to offer our contracted agents access to the AGENCY PORTAL. At Genesee, we are always striving to provide you with the latest tools to help you access your accounts. The Portal will give registered agents the ability to log in to view and/or download your policies, statements, and invoices for all of our Genesee divisions.

There is a 2-Step registration process. You must first register in each Genesee site and go through an approval process by Genesee. Second, you must validate when you receive your approval email from Genesee. Once you receive your approval, you will then enter unique user and password information.


Note: The first person to register from your agency will be the
designated administrator. The designated administrator
will then approve any additional employees from the agency.

To get started, Click on the below Agency Portal for each division of Genesee:

Should you have any additional questions on getting set up for the agency portal, please contact your marketing representative or email Click HERE for a detailed help guide and technical support.