About Genesee

Founded in 1982, Genesee is a full-service managing general agency and wholesale company. Our mission is to provide unparalleled service to independent insurance agents. We specialize in commercial insurance products for the excess and surplus lines industry and are committed to becoming a market leader in this exciting and dynamic field.

We value integrity, hard work, and have the desire to be the most-respected company in our territory. We recognize one customer, the independent insurance agent. Moreover, our company is independently owned allowing us to remain adaptable to the ever-changing market needs of our customer.

In addition to our insurance lines and niche markets, we can also serve your needs in the catastrophe and program business markets. We can further support our agency partners by offering premium financing options through our own finance company, which allows you to deliver a higher level of service to your insureds while helping them maintain their revenue flow.

With Genesee, you can offer everything from risk analysis to underwriting to premium financing, helping to set your agency apart and to build long-lasting business partnerships with clients.

Our organization is comprised of the following entities:


Genesee’s home office is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. Genesee  provides agency partners with a depth of industry expertise and access to our carrier relationships across these key lines of insurance and niche markets: Transportation Insurance, Garage Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, and Professional Liability Insurance.

Genesee Branch Offices- Colorado & North Carolina

Located in Broomfield, Colorado, our branch office is recognized as a leader in the Rocky Mountain region for the lines of insurance we offer and niche markets we serve. As well as, we have formed an office in Charlotte, NC to service the region up the east coast. A dedicated staff at Genesee’s  branch offices are available to provide you with the underwriting expertise and assistance you’re looking for when securing coverages for your clients.

Specialty Property

We formed Genesee’s Specialty Property division to address the specialty needs of catastrophic and non-catastrophic exposures. These risks are complex and often hard to place. We work with domestic carriers as well as London and Bermuda insurers that have a broad appetite across a wide range of industry classes to get your insureds properly covered.

Program Underwriters

Launched in 2013, Program Underwriters, formerly known as Program Risk Specialists is a specialty program administrator and a wholly owned subsidiary of Genesee  who’s goal is to distribute programs to both independent agents & wholesale brokers. We are committed to expanding our Programs Division and establishing new programs.

Insurance Payment Company

Insurance Payment Company (IPC) is an independent premium finance company owned by Genesee. Our goal is to help our agency partners not only with securing the insurance lines required to properly protect clients but also to provide you with the ability to assist insureds with cash flow and payment options. We provide you and your insureds with best-in-class service and support and the latest in technology for easy on-line payments. IPC offers competitive rates and flexible terms.